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Resident Info


When do I need to search for a place to live?

We usually give our current residents the first opportunity to renew their lease. When we’re approached by another group wanting to sign a lease on your unit, we’ll give you a 48 hour opportunity to schedule an appointment to resign the lease for the next year (time restraints apply). Each year is different, but we typically have most of our places leased up about 8 months in advance. With the high-profile places, some people start searching and signing leases as early as 24 months in advance. As summer goes by, the rest of our leases start filling up quickly. So, remember to contact us early to secure your favorite place today!

How do I reserve an apartment/house?

Due to the high demand of our properties, the only way to reserve an apartment or house is to sign a lease on the place. Given their close proximity to Ohio University campus, most of our properties are leased up 8 months in advance. As mentioned above, many groups of people have signed leases as early as 24 months in advance for the high-profile places.

Why should I sign a lease early?

Not only will signing a lease early secure your favorite place at Bobcat Rentals, but it will guarantee you a spot close to campus in a properly managed property. Whether it’s the location of the building, a special house, a particular apartment, living close to friends, or certain amenities desired, signing a lease early is the only way you’re guaranteed to get what you want!

How do I pay rent?

Rental payment amounts, due dates, requirements, and procedures are outlined on the first page of the lease. If you do not have a copy of the lease handy, there is a sample lease on our website that should answer most general questions. For individual lease specifics, you’ll need to contact our office. We only accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders. Sorry, no credit cards or cash.

Where do guests park when visiting?

Parking is an absolute premium in Athens. Currently, the dark green and purple university lots (which is most) are open to the public everyday after 5:00 pm and over the weekends. Another option is to let guests use your parking pass (if you have one) so they can park on the property (if available) while you park somewhere else off the property. If you let a guest borrow your pass, make sure you have them return it in order to avoid any replacement costs and/or a tow! There are also sections of un-metered street parking on Brown, Carpenter, Central, Congress, Coss, Elliot, First, Franklin, Fremont, Grosvenor, Hocking, High, Kurtz, Lancaster, Mill, Morris, Mound, Oak, Ohio, Second, Shafer, Stimson, State, Walker, Washington, and Watt to name several.

Top Reasons to live with Bobcat Rentals:

6. Landlord who cares. Door kicked in? Bottle through the window? Been there; done that. We expect you to have a good time, but also to maintain accountability for your actions.

5. We’re the ONLY landlord that usually helps clean up the grounds after the fests and block parties.

4. We’ve got amenities. Most of our places are new, newer, or newly remodeled, and are equipped with: washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, air conditioning, hardwood floors, porches, and parking.

3. The Fall and Spring Fests take place in our front, back, and side yards (literally). Plant yourself right in the middle of all the action!

2. Who wants to take a shuttle home? When properties are located so close to campus and uptown, nothing is ever more than a short walk away!

1. Affordable houses and apartments with most of the perks that can accommodate almost any number of people wanting to live near each other.

Helpful Hints

  • Remember to put all utilities in your name prior to the start of the lease.
  • All rented parking spots are on a first come basis and paid annually.
  • Parking lots require parking passes that must be clearly displayed at all times.
  • Any vehicle that doesn't clearly display the correct parking pass will be towed.
  • Rent due reminders and monthly emails are a courtesy only.
  • Most semesterly rent payments are due before the first of these months: